date_range 29 - 31 MAR

13th King of Tattoo

room Shinjuku Loft

directions 1 Chome−12−9, タテハナビル 〒160-0021, Tóquio, Região de Kanto



King Of Tattoo 2024

Friday, March 29

open 13:00

close 23:00

Saturday, March 30th

open 12:00

close 22:00

Sunday March 31st

open 11:00

close 21:00

King of Tattoo 2024 29 March 2024


ADV. ¥6,000 +DRINK

DOOR. ¥7,500 + DRINK

Visitors have 1 B2 poster, 9 A3 poster, 9 postcards, etc..

Original Merchandise Set Giveaway!

Drink coin 3 1000 = 1000 1000

Pro-companion college students below entry without material

Free to Walk in / With Free Clock

No alcohol in you!

No entry to violence or anyone involved!! ︎

King of Tattoo 2024 29 March 2024

ご来場者様には特製ポスター三種、ポストカード二種、オリジナルトートバッグ、その他オリジナルグッズセットをプレゼント! 出入り自由 / 無料クローク有り


The day of the seller

Wizard T.S.Ltd.


king of tattoo merchandise

Hiroshi Takamura (Uncle Flower) Book Sale (30.31)

Photo Gallery of the Fisherman of Kagoike

Take a commemorative photo and present a photo (continuing days)

the seller of goods

Liujia shop (31)

King of Tattoo 2024 29 March 2024

On stage event

Tattoo Competition

29th day

Funny Tattoo ( Funny Tattoo )

Girl tattoo competition (woman who looks good in blue)

30 days

ONE POINT TATTOOSMALL (Tattooed enough to fit into a CD bag)

Sleeve (embroidered on one shoulder and one leg)

Overall ( full body embroidery)

31st day

One Point Tattoo ( Embroidery done in one session )

king of tattoo (My first tattoo in a three-day event)

Back piece ( tattoo on back )

And the winner of tattoo competition is Wizard T. In addition to S custom tattoo machine type trophy bags, Antema Tattoo Supply / ZOCALO Silver Accessories.

Descubra Tóquio

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