date_range 18 - 19 SET

5th Tattoo Show Saint Petersburg

room Севкабель Порт

directions Кожевенная линия, 40, Санкт-Петербург, 199106, São Petersburgo, Oblast de Leningrado



Tattoo Show 2021 will be held in the art space “Sevkabel Port” near the harbor of Vasilyevsky Island. Previously, it was a cable plant famous throughout Russia. Today it is one of the leading creative platforms in St. Petersburg.

The authenticity of historical buildings, huge space and modern equipment create a special atmosphere that will perfectly complement the Tattoo Show 2021 .It will be interesting for everyone: the Tatushou format includes a tattoo festival and an exhibition of contemporary art.

We are actively working on an entertainment program. Details and tickets will be available later. Follow the news.

Descubra São Petersburgo

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