date_range 14 - 16 OUT, 2016

2º Tattoo Fair Franca

room Clube Castelinho

directions Avenida Miguel, Sabio de Melo, Franca, Estado de São Paulo



This year, in this second edition International Convention Tattooists and Body Piercers Franca – Tattoo Fair Franca, will be held on 14, 15 and 16 October at Clube Castelinho, and will feature tattoo artists renowned of France, Argentina, Chile, Spain, French Polynesia among others, and of course, our brilliant artists, and they will be representing our country.

We also count on the presence of a large and renowned barber comming of Paris – France who will do a workshop to impart their knowledge and French techniques of haircuts, beards and trends, as well as Food Trucks and various attractions such as Victor and Gaby Peralta Argentina, the more modified couple in the world, recognized by the Guiness Book, Zumbiepunk, Camarín Doll and others! Besides these attractions we will be a Cosplay competition too, with judges and prizes!

In 2015 the event was a success and we will preparing all that exists of most special and different for our artists and for the public will be the opportunity to see this beautiful world full of art and colors!

Descubra Franca

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